Recent Publications

A sample of recently published short stories by Daniel Link.  


A tale of how to win on social media when there are no restraints.

Last Harvest by Daniel Link

A reporter in search of a story finds more than he bargained for.

Lockdown by Daniel Link

A mother and daughter try to adjust to the new world after a mysterious plague begins decimating the population.

That Second Death by Daniel Link

When Nellie's twin sister disappears, she suspects murder, but how far will she go for the truth?

Too Quiet by Daniel Link

A troubled man is forced to confront his past. 

Grace Notes by Daniel Link

A musician and a brewer try to understand each other and themselves through their work.  


Quicksilver Falls by Daniel Link

A mysterious rain in a Tennessee cornfield sparks a media frenzy, and the world's biggest writing competition.


Heavenly by Daniel Link

An elderly couple takes a road trip in search of something miraculous. 

A Solid Plan by Daniel Link

A thrilling story about disaster preparedness.

Saving Face by Daniel Link

A touching story of honoring a life after a tragic death. 

Outside the Fire by Daniel Link

A heart pounding post-apocalyptic thriller. 

Siren by Daniel Link

Some calls can not be ignored.

Steel by Daniel Link

The struggles of a good samaritan. 

Good Fences by Daniel Link

Sometimes that walls we build keep us from what we need the most.